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Of all the many types of home air sealing options available in Midland, SPRAY FOAM INSULATION has the competition beat in terms of R-value, resistance to mold and moisture damage, durability, air sealing, and versatility.


Pressurized cans of “one-part” are used primarily for sealing gaps and cracks. You may have seen these at your local hardware store and may have even used them in the past. Our system uses a similar product, but in a much larger application. With 2-part spray foam, we mix resin and catalyst compounds at the application nozzle. Combining these ingredients starts a chemical reaction that creates expanding foam.

For large areas, such as attics, our team of SPRAY FOAM INSULATION contractors in Midland have specialized trucks and equipment pump the ingredients up to the application nozzle where the resin and catalyst compounds mix to create foam. Have a large area? We are the leading SPRAY FOAM INSULATION contractors in Midland, Mount Pleasant, Saginaw, Bay City, Lansing, and Central Michigan.


The large-scale SPRAY FOAM INSULATION jobs performed by these contractors require special equipment as well as safety gear during installation. When the foam cures and hardens just several minutes after application, it’s completely safe for as long as it stays in place.

When properly installed, SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) creates a highly insulated building assembly that’s also free of energy-wasting air leaks. To see if SPRAY FOAM INSULATION is a wise option for your Mid-Michigan home, to improve its comfort and efficiency, contact us today for a free quote.


Open-cell SPRAY FOAM INSULATION is light and sponge-like. The cells from which it is made break or pop as the foam expands and before it sets. Consequently, most cells are “broken” or open. (Think “kitchen sponge” but much smaller.) Like closed-cell SPRAY FOAM INSULATION, it serves as an air barrier but unlike closed-cell foams, it allows water vapor to enter and pass through it.

Open-cell spray foam is light, typically only 0.4 to 0.5 lb. per cubic foot, and therefore does not substantially affect structural loads. It is generally considered more environmentally friendly than other foams because water is used as the blowing agent. In addition, open-cell foam provides excellent sound control.
If you are interested in these services, give Midland’s top SPRAY FOAM INSULATION contractors at Energy Plus Home Improvements a call today!

$43.00* PER MONTH

*This example is based on a basic ranch home with approximately 245 lnft of joist bonds.
Fixed APR of 8.99% for 60 months, 60 payments
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*With minimum purchase made at initial appointment and approved credit. Energy Plus Home Improvements is neither a broker nor a lender. Financing is provided by third-party lenders unaffiliated with Energy Plus Home Improvements, under terms and conditions arranged directly between the customer and such lender, all subject to credit requirements and satisfactory completion of finance documents.

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More Than Spray Foam Insulation

In addition to being your local Spray Foam Insulation experts, we also pride ourselves on offering all types of home renovation & repair services. We are a full-service contractor, and can help you realize your remodeling aspirations!

We offer a wide variety of home remodeling services, including (but not limited to):

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Here you’ll find a compilation of the most frequently asked questions. If there’s something you want to know which isn’t here, please send an email to info@energyplushomeimprovements.com

Is spray polyurethane insulation code approved?

Yes. Building codes provide for the use of spray polyurethane insulation.

Can a homeowner apply spray polyurethane foam insulation?

Not practically. Spray polyurethane application requires complex equipment and a skilled installer with training in the safe and proper installation of the polyurethane system.

How does spray foam work?

A two-part mixture is applied by trained professionals to the surface to be insulated. The spray mixture expands rapidly to fill all cracks and voids, completely and permanently adhering to wood, masonry, metal, concrete, and most other construction materials.

I live on a busy street and wanted to know which insulation (open-cell or closed-cell foam) would be best to install on the "roadside" wall of the home to help reduce noise from the outside traffic?

To help reduce outside noise through a wall, either open or closed-cell spray polyurethane foam is a good choice. The most important choice is to use the correct type for your climate zone.

Do we insulate Existing Homes?

Yes! We can insulation an existing home using dense pack cellulose and/or a PIP retrofit foam

Is spray foam worth the money?

Whether it is professionally applied, or you do it yourself, you might be looking at a few thousand dollars’ worth of expenses for the project to occur. Knowing this information, compare it to your energy bills and estimate any repair or pest control expenses you could potentially be looking at, and add up that amount. If you can break down those investments by month, you are likely to find that with lower bills and lack of needs for most repairs associated with uninsulated walls and attic, what you spend on the spray foam insulation install will quickly be outweighed by the other expenses. Depending on the situation, this may take a different number of months for different people, but it is a safe bet that the upfront expenses will soon pay for themselves.

How much does spray-on foam insulation cost?

Midland spray foam insulation cost is generally broken down by square foot and how many inches being applied. Generally speaking, three inches of open-cell spray foam is typically in the range of $2.50 to $3 per square foot for most residential applications. Three inches is the recommended amount to use for applications like open walls, crawl spaces, and rim joists.  Two inches of closed-cell spray foam costs around $3 to $4 per square foot for most existing residential projects.  

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