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Home Energy Checkup Information

Of course you’d like your home to be more comfortable, less expensive to heat and cool, and healthier, too. But how can you enjoy these three great benefits? The answer is simple. Just take the first step and schedule a low cost home energy checkup.

Schedule An Energy Checkup And Get This Benefits

1. Detailed recommendations on what improvements to make, and in what order.

2. Protection from unrealistic energy-saving claims.

3. Low cost estimates for all recommended improvements.

3. One call does it all. Energy Plus will complete the improvements and upgrades you select. You won’t need to call in different contractors to perform the work.

A low cost home energy checkup, or energy assessment, is very much like a complete medical checkup. Both procedures utilize various tests and exams to produce a detailed diagnosis –exactly what Energy Plus needs to prescribe the right medicine.

Don’t guess at what your house needs to be more energy efficient.
Taking a haphazard approach to saving energy can cost you money without giving you the right results.

Protect Yourself from “Single-Solution” Contractors

When you have a complete energy checkup by Energy Plus, you’ll know EXACTLY how your house is using and wasting energy and EXACTLY what improvements should be done, and in what order.

You’ll be protected from “single-solution” contractors who promise to solve all your comfort and energy problems with a single upgrade (a new furnace, new windows, an attic radiant barrier, etc.).

Your House Has Many Systems That Interact

An energy checkup makes sense because there are many devices and systems that interact to determine your home’s comfort, energy efficiency and healthfulness.

For example, leaky, uninsulated ductwork (very common) will force your HVAC system to work longer and harder to maintain comfortable temperatures, while also diminishing indoor air quality. An energy checkup identifies the weak areas in your home’s energy profile, enabling you to make key upgrades that will have the most impact on energy savings.